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The Project

Siemens Healthineers offers a wide range of solutions for diagnosis, imaging and therapy of heart disease. These are combined within the product line “Cardiovascular Solutions”. In view of the high complexity of the various devices, the team of mld digits was faced with a challenge in the context of the “ESC 2019”: The entire product line was to be presented to a broad specialist audience at the world’s most important cardiology congress.

But how do you manage to present this multitude of devices, which in practice also extend over several rooms (for example in a hospital), in a limited exhibition space without having to transport the large and sensitive devices there – with immense effort and high logistics costs?

The answer: With Augmented Reality

Together with Siemens Healthineers, mld digits developed a real-time AR application that allowed the congress visitors to virtually examine each device in a “real” room. With the AR solution, the devices can be viewed from any angle, their use in practice can be understood and all important core information can be displayed clearly and live.

So instead of building a large “demonstration heart center” with several rooms, Siemens only had to bring a model of an exemplary building to the trade show. The AR application automatically placed all the devices virtually in the various rooms. Visitors can display each product or device with the tablet and call up further information in pictures, text and video. All in real time – realistically, virtually prepared and based on the construction data of the “real” products.

The Challenge


The biggest challenge for the developers was the large number of products and the associated virtual environments in which the devices were to be made comprehensible.

For example, the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME ultrasound system enables very precise cardiac ultrasound imaging, while the ARTIS icono floor even allows complicated surgical procedures to be performed. For each “Cardiovascular Solution” an individual image had to be found for the augmentation, which in its entirety fits the image, complies with the CI and marketing guidelines and finally also fits the 3D printed model and the AR model recognition. For this, it was not only necessary to evaluate and select the CAD data, but also to implement the data preparation of each machine in such a way that it could be used for real-time visualization, AR model tracking and model construction.

The Solution

In terms of structure, content and presentation, the developers paid particular attention to the marketing strategy from the very beginning: The preparation of the various models, CAD data, software, content and much more was designed in such a way that visitors can “experience” the individual devices and their features from every conceivable angle, at every zoom level in central medical application scenarios using AR. Thus a digital, innovative basis was created, which will enable further scenarios and use cases in the future. Be it VR presentations or patient interactions with the products and solutions of Siemens Healthineers.

Even without the real devices on site, the visitors of the ESC Congress could augment the heart center via tablet – this means, for example, that the ultrasound device, the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME, is “brought to life” and one can understand different applications or modes in real time. In the information mode, the marketing materials of the individual products are also available as well as much other digital or animated “content” that explains the essential features & functions to visitors.

Especially the possibility of augmented animations allows to show things that otherwise can hardly or not at all be presented: The cardiovascular, surgical procedures of the ARTIS icono floor would hardly be presentable on real people – in the course of an AR simulation, this presentation would not be a problem.

What’s so special about it?

  • Compact and comprehensive, digital solution for sales
  • Integration of seven products in one real-time application
  • Visualization in marketing quality
  • Enormous space and transport savings for all seven products
  • Can also be used on small to medium-sized stands with high ROI
  • Large 3D models with products in miniature format
  • Numerous environmental details for precise augmentation
  • Connection of classic marketing elements with modern possibilities of real-time communication
  • Extensions and modular use possible
  • Flexible use of current AR tracking technologies e.g. model tracking on image markers or ground plane detection


Since the focus in the run-up to the congress was on the presentation of selected features and functions, the coming months will be devoted to the presentation of additional devices and visualizations, to making the application and augmentation even more flexible and to working out the possibilities of a more holistic, digital presentation. By integrating further application scenarios, the individual products in all their facets can be better understood and marketed. This benefits exhibitors and visitors alike.