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We realize interactive sales apps or presentation apps to meet your needs and expectations. Virtual reality applications for VR glasses such as the HTC Vive or Oculus and augmented reality apps for iOS or Android devices are all within our scope. Thanks to well-considered workflows, we’ll get you where you want to be fast!

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mld digits: how product presentation becomes an experience

If you want to win over your audience with a product presentation in the digital age, you should focus on three success factors: emotions, interaction and optical quality. These are the prerequisites for interactive applications in marketing – the only way to playfully draw the attention of prospective and existing customers.

What is digital and interactive product marketing?

Digital and interactive product marketing refers to all applications whereby the user isn’t just given a visualization of a product but also given a playful way to interact – the keyword is gamification. The term “interactive solutions” is also often used. Immersive marketing or immersion is less commonly used. These terms mostly reference augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). Unlike AR and VR, interactive applications retain the external view.

With digital interactive applications, even the driest of subject matters – whether that’s machinery or other objects – can be presented in an attractive, eye-catching way. As well as attractive visualization, these applications aim to move curious passers-by as well as potential clients into the product itself. This always works when customers can move, click or otherwise playfully interact with the object.

This includes web applications, software and apps that digitally introduce a product and encourage interaction. The user can use these applications however they like. Thanks to non-linear usability, you can ensure incomparable individuality and extraordinary fascination. Use digital and interactive product marketing!

How can interactive applications be used?

Thanks to digitization, there are almost no limits when it comes to using interactive applications in product marketing. You can use interactive product, brand or idea presentation to bring the quality of your marketing to a whole new level.

Use interactive applications across the whole projection surface, whether that’s touch tables, displays, smartphones, tablets, classic monitors or interactive LED walls. Interaction takes place through various sensory formats: tapping, clicking, moving. Use a range of different input devices: if you want to be especially playful, you can use controllers like game pads or Wii controllers. You could also use tracking devices, body tracking such as Kinect or other devices to track gestures. Of course, these interactive applications can also be controlled with a mouse and keyboard, or even light.

Why should I use digital and interactive product marketing?

There are plenty of possible applications for our interactive solutions. If you want to really make a statement when unveiling a new product, the best way is interactive. Ensure a wow effect right from the beginning!

You can use our applications as pure marketing tools to visualize products or machinery in an impressive way. Or you can expand your application to become a sales app, combining product marketing and sales in one single application.

Whether you opt for a marketing or sales app: you can use an interactive product presentation to digitally explain your product to potential and existing customers, and call on additional information if required. If you establish that your users need more answers, you can regularly expand and scale the application’s content. And if you want to inform employees of new products, or even train them in a playful, fun way, you hold all the cards with an interactive communication solution.

If their eyes light up, you’re a winner! Digital and interactive product marketing ensures the best opportunities for communication. Thanks to personal discussion, you’ll get more leads in the long term than through classic promotional give-aways. Least but not least, interactive product presentations are a clear indication of a company’s innovation potential. Don’t just impress your customers, but the competition as well! Fancy some examples?

What added value is offered by interactive applications within marketing?

To put it simply, interactive solutions come with so many benefits that let you really get customers excited. Digital interaction is so much more than a modern version of a sales pitch.

In digital and interactive product marketing, answers are always on hand when a potential customer needs them – they can simply access information as and when they like. Content can be flexibly expanded, even at the last minute – an enormous benefit compared to printed paper or promotional videos. Customer content, such as images, presentations and videos, can be added at no great extra effort.

Our applications can generally be connected to external systems such as CMS and Analytics. They can be displayed on cross-platform media: the visual quality remains the same regardless of the medium or platform (web, PC, Android or iOS).

With today’s technology, you can choose from a whole range of display options, whether that’s abstract visualizations or photo-realistic renderings. With animated content, enthralling effects and a healthy dose of emotion, you can rely on unique communication!

Digital means sustainable: use our solutions to save time and money as well as plane tickets, work hours and your carbon footprint. Furthermore, insurance and transport costs are reduced and you don’t have to pay for a huge stand at a trade fair if you’re only taking a digital version of your machinery on tour.

What’s most important in interactive and digital product marketing?

The important thing is to impress with quality. Prioritize personal, tailored consulting – you won’t impress anyone with standard solutions. It’s also important to ensure clean programming and error-free technical implementation. Creative ideas aren’t worth a dime if the realization doesn’t work.

Make it as simple as possible for prospective customers. Attractive design is par for the course, and can be based on your corporate design. The design should, of course, be easy to understand and follow. Ensure a high level of usability!

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