Get to your destination without detours with a roadmap: Your digital product presentation

Our projects often begin with a huge amount of questions from our clients. Can this or that idea really be realized technically? Which technology is right for my idea? Where can I use interactive applications? What exactly can be done with augmented reality (AR)? Can I find out more in a workshop? And what’s the timeline from project kick-off to actual implementation?

Cleverly thought-out workflows prevent unnecessary detours

In order to answer these questions and more about each project clearly, we’ve developed a roadmap. It lets us show you all the steps we’ll take together to get to your unique product presentation. From the starting shot to the finish line!

Our roadmap is a great reference for you and us. So you’ll always know which project phase we’re working through. The roadmap will become the foundations for mutual trust: reliability is a matter close to our hearts.

Thanks to clever workflows, we avoid unnecessary detours and doubling back. So you save money, time and stress – the workload and timeline are transparent. With mld digits, your route is clearly signposted!

Our roadmap: Get to your interactive solution quickly and safely

With mld digits, you can get to your interactive product presentation in 5 steps:

  • Get-together: In this first step, we get to know each other. Bring your idea, and we’ll decide together where your path should take you.
  • Concept: During our second step, we present the snippets of ideas from step 1 and consider together what your personal solution should look like. At the end, we’ll have a complete concept for your interactive product presentation as well as a project plan.
  • Prototype: From the concept, we develop an initial prototype, a first rough version of your digital application, in the third stage.
  • Fine-tuning: The fourth stage is about fine-tuning. Based on your feedback, we tighten the screws and finish your solution to create a usable application.
  • Implementation: You can now use your interactive product presentation!

Our clients are our partners and equals

Your interests are just as important to us as awakening an understanding of our work. That’s why we explain all the background information behind each technology, so you as a layperson understand and feel completely confident from the very beginning. We’d be happy to show you real case studies from past projects. They instantly show the value added by our solutions.

We use our agency experience to offer a consulting service alongside production. Your personal ideas, wants and needs are important to us. Get in touch – we’ll quickly explain what’s doable and what isn’t. Only with your input can we achieve a solution together that technically and visually meets your needs.

Questions? Get in touch!

Let’s be clear, our roadmap isn’t a strict framework. If you have any special requirements, we can flexibly react to meet your needs.

We look forward to the honor of guiding you and your company along the path of your personal project. Benefit from our consulting skills and experience as digital product presentation experts. Simply get in touch!