Together, we create the foundations for your digital product marketing

First, we take part in a joint workshop to fine-tune your project idea. The aim of our workshop is always to bring you and your company a major step forwards on your journey to a digital product presentation. There are two possible approaches here:

  • In a joint brainstorming session, we gather all ideas, expectations, needs and wants and discuss their feasibility. After the workshop, you’ll receive a summary of all doable ideas as well as material and links for your internal approval. The aim of this workshop is to better understand the product from the client’s perspective, and to provide plenty of inspiration.
  • Together, we’ll sketch a comprehensive strategy for your company regarding digital and interactive 3D product presentation. The aim is to develop specific ideas for projects, establish feasibility, explain possible issues and offer understanding as well as inspiration for the available technologies.

mld digits workshops: the foundations for your real-time digital product presentation

Take advantage of the benefits of our workshops. With a workshop at the beginning of a project, we’ll get to know each other directly and you’ll get a clear understanding of what’s doable. This lets us avoid feedback loops in the upcoming implementation phase, saving you cash and improving the end result.

We consciously use personal and modern live presentation in our workshops. We want our products to be fun – and we like to get that across in person (but of course, in this age of coronavirus, we are using the latest digital conference technology and streaming live AR presentations). You’ll also get a comprehensive idea of the product visualization possibilities offered by our technology. After completion, you’re sure to have a better understanding of augmented reality and interactive product marketing in real time. We’ll then show you completed projects on site, making it easier for you to decide on certain ideas.


  • Überblick:
    • Demonstration of mld digits technology
    • Presentation of reference projects/apps
    • Introduction of similar applications
    • Summary of options for better understanding
  • Analysis of client needs and wants
  • Finding solutions and coming up with rough project ideas
  • Creating a calculation basis for both sides

What does a mld digits workshop cost?

We consciously eschew complicated pricing, so want to give you a specific price range for our workshops. This lets you immediately weigh up whether we’re right for each other. Good preparation and detailed follow-up work are just as much important elements of a high-quality workshop in our eyes. The workshop itself will take from a half to a full day, generally with 2-3 people from our company present. Total costs come in between €2,900 and €3,400 plus travel costs (subject to change). If we end up working on a project together, these costs will be offset.

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