Sustainable 3D Data Usage
Make Your Marketing "Immortal"

Do you save old marketing materials in drawers and folders? And how is this linked to sustainable 3D data usage?

Every trade show has the same game: “Oh man, that old stuff again?” says the inner voice. We really should… “

Familiar? We have the answer!

Consider your existing data, whether it is in CAD files or not. CAD files, product samples, and process descriptions, for example, become everlasting and constantly updatable marketing assets.

Your data is prepared once and can then be used and expanded in numerous applications – a real sustainable CAD data utilisation. Instead of throwing away dusty records, invest in long-term worth and flexibility.

We bring your offers to life with our cutting-edge 3D technologies. We show them in real-time, with all their exciting features, and help them to shine.

Allow customers to not only view but also understand your stuff.

We will show you which format best suits your product or service.

Dynamic, interactive, and eerily lifelike!

Long-term, diverse 3D data sustainability

  • Use of 3D data indefinitely
  • Outstanding Value
  • Effortless and efficient integration of future changes and developments
  • Use in numerous applications – for example in augmented reality
  • Marketing, sales, and training processes are being transformed
  • Use at trade fairs or events for a captivating customer experience
  • The sovereign leadership of your company in the digital future

Interested in sustainable 3D data usage?
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Project highlights: References to our 3D data magic

Practical examples of effective 3D data utilization: Be inspired by our clients who have already successfully transitioned their existing databases into the digital future.

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