For shining eyes:
Your trade fair, your event, your show!

Do you want your audience to stare at your display with wide eyes and an open mouthWe will see to it! We will catapult your trade fair or event into another galaxy with our technological wizardry and years of experience.

Using the latest technologies, we can make your product or service shine and transform your exhibition stand into an extraordinary experience.

To be a sensation, your event should not consist of a traditional, “long-running” presentation; we bring the WOW factor, which will make your show unforgettable.

AR, VR, 3D-Design, digitale Displays, Miniworlds, and multimedia animations make your trade show stand out! We make sure that you can present your products and services to your customers in a tangible and attractive way.

And the best part? We will provide you with a worry-free package that includes cutting-edge technology.

Because your event will only be successful if the hardware and software are in perfect sync.

Whether VR glasses, an LED wall or a touchscreen, your application will run smoothly at your event with high-quality hardware.

Are you ready for a spectacular show?

  • Unusual technologies that will live on in memory
  • Expandable concepts: From a touch application to an AR app or hologram
  • Interactive formats with a gamification twist
  • The best combination of software and hardware for your needs
  • Unique customer experience: products and services that require explanation presented attractively
  • Emotionalization of your products and brand

Interested in a fascinating trade fair presentation?
Find out what a Miniworld could look like at your event.

Project highlights: The stars of our event solutions

To produce a truly WOW experience, we employ a variety of technologies.

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