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How mld digits supports you in the development of your Miniworld

A small, vivid and playful digital world brings many advantages for marketing.

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What is a Miniworld and how can it enhance your marketing presence?

Miniworld is a technology that enables companies to present their products or services in a compact format. It helps visualise product features in a small world with buildings and people in understandably in everyday use. Furthermore, it can be used to attractively illustrate the use of products, their manufacturing or work processes within the company. All of this with a touch of interactivity and gamification. This makes a miniworld a valuable marketing tool.

Miniworlds can be used in various scenarios: You can use them to address visitors to your booth at a trade fair and give them the opportunity to find out about your product portfolio. What’s more – all of this can be done even without assistance. This means that your customers can discover the Miniworld completely independently. Free discovery makes it possible to make optimum use of the attention span and not overwhelm users.

However, you can also use Miniworld technology when presenting to your customers, giving you the opportunity to convey the topics in an appealing way. You can switch non-linearly between areas and thus adapt to every presentation situation and the questions of your audience.

Are you looking for an eye-catcher for your showroom? Here, too, you can provide your customers with a Miniworld that they can try out on a large touchscreen. If you decide to switch from your PC app to presenting your Miniworld on the web, we can also support you with this.

From a mini factory to the whole world: using Miniworld technology to present products and work processes in different scenarios

A Miniworld can be designed in different ways – be it a city or a landscape with individual buildings. It is up to you which buildings and areas you want to display.

Your Miniworld can also be very specific and focused on your company. For example, if you want to show your users or customers concrete work processes in your company, we can create a factory area. This could contain machines, different departments and product areas. Each can be explaining the production process with animations, clickable scenarios and integrated 2D content. Mini factories help users to understand the processes that normally take place behind closed doors.

Are you planning to introduce a new product that has a different place in your factory or Miniworld? A Mini Factory can be expanded at any time. It can be connected to a larger world if your product or service portfolio expands. In the same way, we can incorporate new 3D objects into the Miniworld and create new areas that place the product in a different context of its use in daily life. This makes the technology flexible and usable in various scenarios.

What are the advantages of Miniworld technology?

One advantage of Miniworlds is their playful character, which goes hand in hand with the presentation of a small 3D world. The interactivity of the app in combination with the possibility of designing the world in a low-poly style gives it a characteristic game-like feel.

mld digits can implement small interactive functions that give the informative and representative side of the app a memorable and engaging quality.

This makes Miniworlds a great technology to use when you want to explain complex topics and products to your audience. They allow you to create a catchy experience.

Next, a gamification of content has many benefits, such as increasing immersion in the app, making the user experience the content deeply and memorably. Moreover, it allows creating a positive connection to the products presented.

Miniworlds also support you in generating new leads, as you can use them at strategic points (point of interest, point of sale).

Miniworlds allow your customers to explore content according to their own interests. Thanks to this they create a flexible, personalised user journey. It is thus beneficial for you to find out what makes your customers tick and what interests them. Lastly, the flexibility of the technology is also reflected in its potential use on different platforms and in numerous industries such as healthcare, logistics, software development and the construction industry.

We support you in the process of finding a suitable combination of all aspects so that you and your company can benefit from Miniworld technology in the long term.

Project highlights: References of our Miniworld magic

What can a Miniworld look like? Take a look at our reference projects and discover the various possible applications of Miniworld technology.

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