Conrad Electronic: AR app for RC models

Use AR to bring model building products to life


Client: Conrad Electronic
Time frame: 2017

  • Augmented Reality

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann

The Project

We were able to develop a PoC for Conrad and introduce the whole team. The result was a marker-based AR application to add value to the RC model building departments in stores by bringing products to life, presenting them playfully and providing wider context. In a second scenario, traditional product packaging was improved and value added through AR.

What’s so special about it?

  • Full rein for PoC content.
  • Real products as a starting point
  • RC car in action on endless racetrack, slow motion function, explosion function for model components
  • Speedboat on endless waterway with water effects
  • Church with distance-based audio feedback
  • Drone packaging with 3D product animation, animated UI with product facts and integrated online marketing video on the back.