Sika City: Sika product world at a digital glance

The whole Sika product world in a touch application for PC, iPad and Windows tablets


Customer: Sika Deutschland GmbH
Event: Bau 2019
Location: München
Time frame: 2019

  • For eyes that shine: Your show, Your event, Your fair!
  • Miniworld
  • Virtual trade fair
  • Interactive trade fair

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann


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The Project

Sika Deutschland, market leader in the sales of construction and other materials – including for bridges, airports, treatment plants and more – sells over 30,000 products and runs over 80 subsidiaries. This doesn’t exactly make it easy to present their broad portfolio at one exhibition stand. That’s why mld digits developed an app for Sika’s convention presence that does their huge product portfolio justice: Sika City. This project saw the design of a virtual city, showing Sika’s entire product range on a huge map. Just like in computer games, fair visitors were able to interact with Sika’s products in a range of different ways and find out all possible product details – via images, video or 3D animations.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge in developing Sika City for mld digits was to squeeze the whole Sika product range into one single app. The original plan was an augmented reality app. After multiple workshops with the marketing team and representatives of various Sika business units, it quickly became clear that the sheer number of Sika products required an alternative concept: instead of an augmented reality solution, which would require a physical 3D model first, mld digits and Sika opted for a purely digital solution that would show the whole Sika universe in one single app.

The Solution

The purely digital app developed for Sika by mld digits, focusses primarily on size and optical impact but is easy to use and can be adjusted to almost any monitor. The only requirement is that the monitor has a touchscreen function. The result was Sika City, a 2,63km² interactive city with 47km of streets, inhabited by 500 dynamic cars and 1,200 pedestrians surrounded by eight different building types that deliver information when info points are clicked – all about the materials Sika sells. The concept designed by mld digits was in the end significantly cheaper than a comparable AR solution, as no real model was necessary.

When a user clicks on the mall, for example, they receive detailed information on materials for roof sealing, solar systems, facade protection, floors and window installation. If they click on the sewage plant, they’ll be provided with information about construction materials for fermentation towers, gasometers, oil and fat separation pools and settling basins. At the end of each interactive journey through Sika City, there’s a specific list of materials or system solutions that Sika provides for these specific application cases.

The virtual Sika City therefore presents a huge number of products while visualizing the area of application – attractive, intuitive for the user, clear and easy to use.

What’s so special about it?

  • 2,63km² city with 47km of roads filled with 500 cars, 1,200 pedestrians
  • Eight different building types with 4-16 info points each
  • Multiple languages
  • Eight animated building stories ranging from 0:30 to 1:30 in length
  • Stylized look with city image designed especially for Sika
  • Portable, optimized for mobile devices (Apple iPads and Windows Lenovo tablets)
  • Easily expandable through additional animated stories and more building types
  • Expanded CMS backend for free configuration of text, content and buildings types by the client


Sika City was first presented at Bau 2019. It was a complete success. Sika staff used the city to guide visitors through their huge range of products and services, then they were free to explore the world of Sika independently. The application was so well received that other locations requested their own versions in their local languages. In the meantime, a number of expansions and updates are planned, with additional building types and animations.

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