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Diversity makes us strong! We have come together from various industries, such as marketing, gaming, software development and education. We bring the whole experience package so we can create interactive product presentations that make waves.

In our eyes, the technology is just as important as gamification – digital marketing must be fun. Alongside our specialist skills, we also have plenty of creativity and passion for our projects – we love your projects!

Quality in every respect: something we take to heart

Right from the start, we place incredible importance on quality in all our projects. Our professional workflows get us to our destination efficiently; generally starting with a workshop, where we join you in developing your project. You benefit from our advice and experience during the project. Of course, we have our finger on the pulse and inform you of all the latest trends.

It’s important for us to understand what you want. We tell you what’s possible and how, and at the end, you have sustainable digital content that your company can profit from for a long time to come. We play with a whole range of real-time technologies, whether that’s augmented reality, virtual reality or other interactive solutions. Together, we’ll find a solution that works, that complies with your needs without breaking the bank.

Made in Germany – applies to production and data processing

What’s important to us? All of our work is carried out in Germany. Our digital solutions are exclusively made in Munich. This minimizes the risk associated with international production in low-wage countries.

Your data is only processed within Germany, never stored in clouds or third-party servers. As a digital company, we place great importance on digital security.

We still think like a start-up, even though we’ve long outgrown this label

Tarek Samaan and Philipp Hellmann started their business back in 2012 in a 10 square meter room – pure start-up feeling! In 2014, we changed our name to Pipedream Media GmbH and moved into a 140 square meter office in Pasing (Munich). In 2017, we became mld digits Gmbh, a subsidiary of music & light design Gmbh (mld) out of Leonberg. We’re currently a team of 15 looking to expand – we need you!

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Our company owes its success first and foremost to its committed employees, who actively contribute their ideas and grow steadily with their tasks. Become part of our dynamic, creative team and apply for a job at the following e-mail address: