Innovative Presentations
for Your Products and Services

We’ve all experienced drowsiness when watching the x-th PowerPoint presentation. Innovative presentations solve this problem!

Offer something new and enter the interactive world of non-linear storytelling!

With interactive presentations, you may entice your customers and provide them with interesting, personalized content.

Presentations must be more than just slideshows, especially if you want to make your products look exciting.

The solution is to bring your customers with you and put your illustrative products and services on display.

Inspire your audience with vibrant visuals and cutting-edge technology.

Whether it’s 3D models, videos, digital displays, multimedia animations, or smartboards, your existing presentations and information serve as the foundation. We will find a suitable format to present all your assets attractively and link them together in a meaningful way.

We can also create an environment that will serve as the foundation for your first use of the Metaverse.

PowerPoint is a thing of the past: Make a step toward the future of presentations!

  • With non-linear storytelling, you can adapt to any presentation scenario
  • Immersive presentations with 3D content integration
  • Use in marketing, sales or training
  • Increased attention through the use of appealing visuals
  • Simple explanations of complex topics
  • Perfect solution for your touch table at the next trade fair or event

Interested in innovative presentations?
Try our 3D Player and discover how 3D models can be integrated into your presentation.

Project highlights: Our interactive presentation solutions

Various technologies, such as: can be used to provide an immersive experience for your presentation.

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