3D Product Video:
Impress your customers with an immersive 3D video

What is the potential of
3D product videos?
mld digits will tell you!

Have you already seen a lot of boring product videos and want something extraordinary for your product? Do you need an exciting trailer for your website or social media? Do you want to complement your trade fair presentation with an attractive video? We can help you present your products and services professionally and captivatingly with a 3D product video.

Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how we use 3D models and animations to create high-quality product videos.

What do 3D product videos entail?

Trailers or explanatory videos are the classics in marketing: they are a medium that can be used over the long term to convey important information about a company or product to customers and at the same time shape their perception of the brand. Whether for events, your website or social media: At mld digits, we create classic trailers or product videos without any problems!

However: You can find standard 2D videos everywhere, making it difficult for them to stand out from the mass of content. A 3D product video takes your product presentation to a new level. We can integrate a 3D model of your product into the video. This is usually based on data that you provide us with. This allows you to utilise your 3D data sustainably and present a realistic product model.

Integrating 3D content makes videos a real eye-catcher! In the video, the object can be shown individually or in a built scene, depending on whether it is to be presented in a specific context. The overall style of the video will of course also match your corporate identity.

Would you also like to explain the inner workings and individual components of your product briefly and concisely in the video? In this case, we can also include an “explosion mode” that clearly shows your product in its individual parts.

A cross-section is also possible, in which we can show the functionalities of the interior. And all in a style that matches your brand – including your marketing claims and, if desired, with suitable music.

Let us know what your video should include and we will create a concept for you!

How can you use 3D product videos?

Are you planning a product launch that needs a real eye-catcher? We can make an exciting 3D trailer for you, highlighting the special features of your product such as a new feature, design or special functionalities.

If you want to present a broad portfolio to your customers in an attractive way, a series of explanatory videos is a good idea: Each product is presented in a short video and differences between individual features of your products can thus be clearly illustrated. This makes it very easy for your customers to find their way around your portfolio and find out all the important information without having to read long texts.

3D videos can also be used on a wide range of platforms: You can use your video on your website as well as on social media or at your trade fair stand. If you are planning a showroom, you can also rely on a 3D product video – perhaps in combination with a touch app or a hologram, for example. Do you have an augmented reality app that you want to present to your customers? With a trailer, you can summarise all the benefits of your application.

3D videos are also perfect for combining with other technologies! At the same time, they represent a technology that is suitable as a first step for utilising your 3D data in marketing.

What advantages do 3D product videos offer?

Our video production offers you the opportunity to always have high-quality marketing materials to hand. There are also other advantages to using 3D videos:

Sustainable 3D data utilisation: 3D videos are a suitable opportunity to use your 3D data for marketing purposes for the first time. After the initial preparation, the data can also be used for other applications – for example in an augmented reality app.

Increased engagement: 3D videos are more appealing than classic 2D videos as they offer your customers a more immersive and realistic experience. This can lead to increased attention and interaction with other content (e.g. on the website or on social media).

Improved brand perception: 3D videos are more likely to be remembered by viewers than traditional 2D videos. This is because they are visually appealing and can build a stronger emotional connection with viewers.

Refined product understanding: 3D videos offer a more detailed and accurate representation of products. This is helpful for companies that sell complex products and want to give their customers a clear overview of their functionalities.

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