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What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is not just a trend, but an established technology that is redefining our perception of reality. It adds digital aspects to our physical world, creating a fascinating mix of reality and virtuality.


AR works in real time and thus brings a new dimension to our perception. A good example of this is live sports broadcasting. Have you ever noticed how offside lines in a soccer match appear on your screen? That’s AR in action!


But AR goes far beyond sports. Imagine being able to virtually place a piece of furniture in your living room before you buy it. Or you could navigate through a building that hasn’t even been built yet. These are just some of the many possible applications of AR.


In the commercial sector, AR is already a game changer. It is revolutionizing logistics, production and many other industries. And in marketing? AR offers countless opportunities to create memorable brand experiences. It’s time to shape the future – with AR.


What is AR marketing? How can augmented reality be used at trade fairs and events?

Welcome to the age of augmented reality (AR)! In a world where digital innovation is taking over, AR is more than just a trend – it’s a revolution. 

Imagine you’re at a trade fair and instead of just handing out brochures, you’re presenting your products in an impressive 3D display. AR makes it possible to present even the most complex products in a fascinating and interactive way.

With AR, you can bring your products to life digitally. Whether it’s a machine, a piece of furniture or a vehicle, AR enables a detailed 3D reconstruction. Place your product virtually in any environment and experience what it would look like in reality. 

AR also offers the opportunity to present prototypes that previously only existed virtually. Imagine being able to show your latest machine or system before it has even been produced.

With AR, you can use the most advanced digital technology and stand out from the crowd at trade fairs and events. These flexible applications can be easily expanded and updated to add new functions, animations or information.

Immerse yourself in the world of augmented reality and experience how it can take your product presentations to the next level.


What advantages does augmented reality offer for marketing at trade fairs and events?

Augmented reality (AR) is more than just a trend – it’s a revolution in product presentation. Imagine being able to present your products at trade fairs or events in a way that is both interactive and informative. With AR, this is possible.

AR transforms the product presentation into an interactive experience. By integrating 3D visualizations on handheld devices, potential customers can view your product from any perspective and discover it in a playful way. This “gamification” element not only makes your presentation more attractive, but also more memorable.

AR allows you to integrate additional information, images or videos directly into the product view. This allows potential customers to get immediate answers to their questions without having to search for them afterwards. This not only increases engagement, but also understanding of your product.

With AR, your product presentation becomes an unforgettable experience. Even complex products can be explained in a simple and entertaining way. This not only increases attention, but also interest in your product.

AR also offers considerable logistical advantages. As your products are presented digitally, you can save on transportation costs and insurance premiums. And with the option of a virtual trade fair stand, you can digitize your product marketing even further.

Experience the future of product presentation with augmented reality. Bring your products to life and immerse your customers in a new dimension.


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