From a 3D product presentation to the metaverse

3D web product presentation: presenting on a new level

There are numerous ways to enter the world of
3D visualisation – be it a web application, a virtual trade fair booth or even metaverse. mld digits will guide you through the process and work closely with you to prepare the optimal solution for your purpose. 

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Use 3D models and stand out from a website presence of others

If you have 3D data of your products, there are many ways to reuse it for interactive presentation purposes. We can convert your data into 3D models that can be used in various marketing activities. For example in sales, at trade fairs and product events, in the showroom and on your website. In addition, the models can be supplemented with animations or colour configurations. One possible application for 3D product presentations is a web application that we can develop and host for you. Your 3D web app can be implemented directly on your website. At the same time, you can also share the link to the application directly with your target customers and interest groups.

3D product design and 3D web applications allow you to present your products in an interactive way. An important advantage: the whole thing runs in real time! You can rotate your product, zoom in to see more details, display the inner workings and components. In addition, you can display configurations of the product or implement animations for work processes. Furthermore, you don’t have to do without your other marketing materials either. We can integrate your brochures, images or slides directly into the app!

Your customers will find all the information they need in one place and can try out your products digitally for themselves!

You can use web apps in the long term and expand them with new products or information as you wish. And if you always want to have the application to hand, we can also convert it into an exciting AR app.

Talk to customers virtually - in a digital trade fair booth!

If you are looking for alternatives to a classic trade fair presence, you should look into one of our digital solutions. With a virtual trade fair booth, you can present your product portfolio on your website just like at a real trade fair. You can then “welcome” your customers to your stand just like in person. Use your online presence for live presentations and communicate with your customers, e.g. during an online meeting in the virtual space.

The virtual trade fair booth can be used in the long term and expanded as required; new products can be easily integrated. All content is prepared in a sustainable way so that it can subsequently be used for other marketing tools, such as apps.

However, the virtual trade fair booth becomes a special highlight thanks to “touchable” 3D products with dynamic animations that can be experienced by interested parties thanks to real-time rendering. In addition, scenarios, procedures and processes or animated explanations can be visualised, which goes far beyond pure product presentation.

A 3D avatar also contributes to interactivity, acting as a virtual contact person during a guided tour, for example. However, it is also possible to communicate directly with interested parties via video, audio or chat, for example in a virtual meeting room. Even a virtual coffee corner for customer meetings is possible!

3D product presentation in the Metaverse: enter the new virtual world

Metaverse is a term that is circulating everywhere these days. But what is the metaverse actually? It’s a virtual world where you can work, play, network, educate yourself or simply explore this area. You can create your own digital objects or even trade. The metaverse offers unlimited possibilities of use, but you should enter it with a clear goal in mind.

Do you want to use a metaverse to market your products? Do you want to offer your employees or partners a platform for socialising? We can build you a virtual 3D world (also with 3D models of your products) that is specifically tailored to your needs. It can be developed in the form of a web application or even in virtual reality. Your world can be customised not only to your products, but also to your services: It then explains your services clearly by dedicating separate rooms to individual areas, for example.

Lastly, the metaverse can also be flexibly adapted to your end customers (for example with personalisation in the form of logos or colours). Contact forms, videos or avatars can also be implemented to accompany your customers. There are many creative ways to use the metaverse. mld digits will help you find the right way to start your metaverse presence and expand it into a complex world later if required.

Project highlights: References of our 3D web magic

Fancy 3D? Here you will find an overview of web applications, metaverse and virtual trade fair booths, with which we have already inspired our customers.

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