Virtual Trade Fair Stand for Weru GmbH Windows and Doors

Experience Weru windows and doors at the virtual trade fair stand


Client: Weru GmbH
Time frame: 2020
Location: Website

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  • Metaverse & Web 3D
  • 3D web
  • Virtual trade fair

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann

Modern product presentation at Weru GmbH thanks to mld digits

Founded in 1843, Weru GmbH is one of Europe’s leading producers of windows and doors. A market leader in plastic windows for residential construction, their merger with UNILUX GmbH has now expanded their portfolio to include wooden and wood-aluminum products. Over time, windows and doors have become highly modern construction products with a wide range of impressive technical intricacies. Informing and winning over customers and prospective customers is all about the right product presentation. To this end, Weru has opted for a virtual trade fair stand from mld digits.

The challenge

Windows have become so much more than a wooden frame holding in a pane of glass. Wood, aluminum, plastic and even wood-aluminum composites can be chosen for the material. Customers can also choose between double and tripe glazing. Last but not least, there are a few specials when it comes to security, energy efficiency, heat insulation and ventilation. Anyone interested in new windows will want to take a close look at these details and get the information as they’re inspecting the product. But only a few specialist retailers have showrooms, and trade fairs are not common occurrences. That’s why Weru GmbH began looking for an alternative form of product presentation.

The solution

mld digits developed a virtual trade fair stand for Weru GmbH. In this virtual showroom, the Weru portfolio is presented in a way that ensures prospective buyers can not just find out all the information they need, but also really experience the products. Three different types of window and three different door options are visualized. As well as information about bars and backs, there are various views available so that the user can get a precise image of the relevant product.

The idea of interactive marketing is also complemented by additional building blocks. Of course, there is a form to get in touch with the company as well as catalogs and more sources of information at a virtual information desk. A particular highlight is the guided tour with avatar, dressed in Weru’s company colors. In the near future, this virtual trade fair stand will be expanded to include a video corner on the back wall.

What’s so special about it?

Weru’s virtual trade fair stand comes with a very special feature: it has been customized so that it can be easily tailored to individual retailers. An intuitive web interface can be used to customize the logo on the information desk, the company name used in the guided tour, and the email address along with other contact details. Retailers can simply submit their details to Weru. Their employees then adapt the virtual trade fair stand with all the materials available and provide the retailer with a personalized iFrame, which can then be embedded into the retailer’s website. This means that the virtual showroom not only provides highly modern, interactive product presentation, but also ensures synergy between the manufacturer and specialist retailers.
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