AR at Dickow Pumpen GmbH

How Dickow uses augmented reality so that customers can experience pump technology


Client: Dickow Pumpen GmbH
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AR App (Public), iOS

  • Sustainable 3D data usage
  • Augmented Reality
  • Sales tool

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Philipp Breilmann

Presenting the design, functions and workflows of pumps digitally and in 3D

Dickow uses AR to present complex products

Dickow Pumpen GmbH is a renowned and long-established manufacturer of pumps for a diverse range of applications and a global leader in customized pump solutions.  Its products offer outstanding reliability and a particularly high level of efficiency.  They are used in the oil, gas and chemical sectors, as well as in renewable energies and industrial heating systems. 

The challenge

Marketing its pumps is a particular challenge for Dickow Pumpen GmbH. Firstly because they are complex products consisting of modular pump components. The marketing challenge is to enable components or processes inside the pumps to be visualized. 

Another challenge is that these pumps are often really heavy and have many configuration options. It is usually only when talking directly to a customer that it becomes clear what exactly they require. That also makes it difficult, for example to choose the right pump for a trade fair appearance or other event. In the worst case, a huge amount of money is spent transporting a pump that no one wants to see.  

The solution

This is why mld digits has developed an augmented reality app for Dickow GmbH. The AR app stores models of single-stage volute casing pumps with magnetic drive (NM series), as well as information and the benefits for the customer. The app contains the model of a pump with four drive options and five different containment cans; a sixth containment can is also currently being explained theoretically. This also includes three animations and other information for customers, such as images, text, pdf documents and videos. 

Customers can use the app to explore Dickow pumps interactively and immersively. Workflows can also be visualized, making it easier to understand their functions.  Attractive explosion animations and seamless mode switching are also possible. Finally, every detail of components can be visualized, giving potential customers an outstanding insight into the pump.   

Even the material can be visualized better thanks to Augmented Reality. For example, it can show the effect of heating on a liquid dependent on the type of containment can used. It is also possible to show various aspects relating to magnetic coupling, internal circulation flows or axial thrust compensation.  

Overall, the app is hugely beneficial for both product marketing and potential customers.  Visualizations and animations have made huge improvements to the sales process. Boring grey diagrams and complicated 2D drawings have also been replaced by innovative product presentations, making it much easier to understand and quicker to explain Dickow’s products. Lots more content and information can be accessed immediately, making presentations smoother and fresher.  

What’s so special about it?

The AR app enables Dickow to show its unique magnet and pump technology virtually in the real world. The app is flexible, so pump configurations can be changed at any time and other pumps can be added. Depending on the configuration of pumps, the animations can change to show the special features of the specific components. It can show, for example, how heat loss during internal circulation can be avoided by using a ceramic containment can.  

A very special feature: Dickow’s AR app is not only suitable for mobile devices. The company also has the appropriate virtual exhibition stand, which helps take its product marketing completely into the digital age. Dickow’s online exhibition stand is a virtual communication and interaction platform with real-time visualization and outstanding quality for marketing and sales. It enables experts and customers to engage directly with the product in a virtual space and hopefully make a purchase.  

Both the app and the virtual exhibition stand have vastly improved the way Dickow engages with its domestic and international sales partners, customers, internal employees and field staff. Both applications allow complex products that require detailed explanation to be marketed in a fun way.