Siemens Healthineers AR Exhibit App

Interactively present large machines with ARP apps – without logistical effort


Client: Siemens Healthineers
Event: RSNA Kongress
Location: Chicago
Time frame: 2018

  • Sustainable 3D data usage
  • Augmented Reality

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The Project

The Multitom Rax (MTR) robotic X-ray machine is the flagship product of Siemens Healthineers and one of the most versatile systems on the market. With a size of 10 x 10 meters, however, the device is difficult to transport or install for demonstration purposes. Siemens therefore turned to mld digits, which digitized the device in an intuitive augmented reality app. Thanks to the AR application, it is now possible to present the MTR very closely at the trade fair stand without any logistical effort – from every conceivable angle, at every zoom level and experiencing it in central medical application scenarios on the tablet.

The Challenge

Before the app was completed, the X-ray machine had to be transported from show to show worldwide with a high logistical effort (assembly, disassembly, transport, repair, etc.). The “real” Multitom Rax is a very large, expensive product with a space requirement of approx. 10 x 10 meters, which offers only few interaction possibilities at the booth. Therefore the essential advantages of the product could only be shown live in a very limited way. In addition, a moderator was required for each trade fair appearance, who was only able to show a few standardized scenarios in presentations using specially produced videos.

For all these reasons, the Head of Trade Fair of Siemens turned to the developers of mld digits to find an interactive, digital alternative. The aim was to present the product in a more tangible, holistic and understandable way – and thus also to achieve a more efficient use of the exhibition space.

The Solution

In order to determine the technical possibilities, a joint workshop was held first. This showed that an interactive augmented reality application would best meet the desired requirements – more interaction possibilities with less space consumption. Parallel to the development of the AR application, a greatly reduced exhibition version of the device was developed, which serves as a projection screen for the app. In this way, the interaction between the exhibit and digital technology allows a user experience to be created that allows the operators of the exhibition stand to present medical application scenarios live at the trade fair.

The app shows more than 15 simulations of real medical functions and provides all important details via info points that are displayed at the right place on the miniature exhibit. The application scenarios are based on video references and physical movement data that show the product in important application scenarios. Thanks to the scalable app infrastructure, additional scenarios can be added at will.

With the app, it is no longer necessary to set up the “real” Multitom Rax at the exhibition stand. This significantly reduces the costs for additional personnel and logistics. The app provides Siemens with a sustainable, digital solution that noticeably reduces the burden on marketing. The savings that Siemens achieves with the augmented reality app compared to the real setup increase with every additional event due to the elimination of transport costs.

What’s so special about it?

  • B2B Augmented Reality with real value
  • significant space saving
  • Flexible, non-linear explanations
  • Over 15 major medical application scenarios
  • “Clinical Insights Mode” with additional information about the product
  • Playlist function for playing selected scenarios in real time
  • Realistic display in real time on mobile iPad-Pro devices
  • Info mode for displaying all desired customer information
  • Customer CI and UI Guide compliant
  • With or without AR – also presentable as video
  • Admin area for administration and configuration of the app
  • On-site support at the exhibition stand by mld digits


The app was presented for the first time at the RSNA Congress 2018 in Chicago, where it was used intensively by the target group – radiologists and physicians. After the successful launch at the RSNA Congress, Siemens commissioned mld digits to develop a solution for small trade shows and sales that would also work without a model or miniature exhibit. The corresponding app can also be used without a model and still allows an equally holistic presentation of the product in real-time. The app is now also used as an internal reference project at Siemens (e.g. for training or further education). The application is constantly being improved and expanded. The AR mode can now be switched on and off, the application scenarios can be paused and fast-forwarded or rewound at any time. Due to the positive echo, further updates and performance improvements are currently being worked on for other application scenarios in other internal departments.