KERN Microtechnik Touch PC App

The Challenge

Kern Microtechnik is a manufacturer of CNC precision machines and contract manufacturer with over 60 years of tradition. Kern Microtechnik products enable customers to achieve high-quality and precise machining performance. One of Kern’s products is the Kern Micro HD, which represents an innovation in precision manufacturing. For trade fairs and events, transporting large machines can be a challenge. If they are exhibited at a trade fair, they often cannot be fully explored with all their functions and highlights. For sales activities, it is also advantageous to have all information material at hand – even if it is in digital form. In addition, sales managers also need new interactive formats to present all the important features of the products and to remain in the customer’s memory. This is where a high-quality touch PC app with 3D models that meets all these challenges comes in handy.

The Solution

We developed a high-quality touch PC app for Kern Microtechnik for initial use at a trade fair. This app contains a 3D model of the Kern Micro HD, whose individual parts can be explored via various hotspots. In addition to the Micro HD, we have created 3D models of seven other devices, which can be selected from a menu and displayed directly next to the Micro HD. Thanks to the precise representation of materials and textures of the devices, a realistic and high-quality impression was created. In addition, existing marketing material (images, pdf files and videos) was integrated into the app in order to have all the important information at hand. All functionalities are available in two languages. We also provided Kern with the hardware for use at the trade fair, which was customised to the requirements of the trade fair stand and the app.

What makes it special

Right from the start of development, we placed a special focus on visual quality. The app runs in 4K quality and is characterised by its high performance. The Kern Micro HD is also shown including the interior. To emphasise the precision quality of the machine, we have included an animation of the milling process in the workspace, which copies the exact movements of the axis in real life.

The Kern Micro HD is accompanied by other devices in the app. We have integrated seven additional devices into the app as selectable components. This allows the user to freely select any combination for different cases. For this reason, users can also use the app flexibly for non-linear presentations and adapt it to different requirements.

In the future, the app can also be expanded to include other core products. The creation of 3D models of the products also means that they can still be reused in other applications – whether a web application, 3D video or an augmented reality app, for example.


Project Highlights: Further interactive apps

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