Virtual Trade Fair Stand for Brother Sewing Machines

How Brother is impressing customers on its website with a virtual trade fair stand


Client: JTB
End customer: Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH
Time frame: 2020
Location: Website

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  • Metaverse & Web 3D
  • Virtual trade fair

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann

Thanks to mld digits: interactive presentation of sewing machine portfolio

Primarily producing sewing and embroidery machines, Brother has grown into a multinational business over more than 100 years. It places particular importance on innovation and the creative expansion of its portfolio. The company wanted the presentation of its new products to be just as creative as its portfolio. While focus was previously on trade fairs, virtual product presentation has taken center stage due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The challenge

Sewing machines are products that people still operate with their hands. The key prerequisite for a virtual presentation of new products in this sector was therefore to vividly portray and integrate the machines. Ideally, they should offer a digital experience to ensure the most realistic presentation possible.
It was also important to rise to the company’s international expectations. Brother sells its sewing machines worldwide; digital product presentation must therefore take into account the various languages of customers and prospective buyers.

The solution

In order to meet these needs in full, Brother opted for a virtual trade fair stand for sewing machines with plenty of interactive elements. In this trade fair stand, all relevant information on these sewing machines can be accessed via various content pieces and interactive tools. The individual stands link to info sheets as PDF documents and contain links to additional websites. What’s more, the machines can be explored using virtual yet realistic 3D models, while videos let users get better acquainted with the products. Last but not least, the trade fair stand also lets the user get in contact.

What’s so special about it?

mld digits cooperated with JTB to develop the concept, create all the modelling and realize the project as a whole.

To live up to the company’s international requirements, five different languages were integrated into the virtual trade fair stand (English, French, Italian, German and Dutch) so that the user can get more information in their own language. In addition, a product range tailored to a specific country is shown based on the user’s location.

Development was partially based on CAD data so that the model is able to provide a realistic experience in a digital space. Data was already available for two machines, while three more were recreated as precisely as possible using the real machines. The result was photorealistic models to the highest level of marketing quality.

Virtual trade fair stands spark enthusiasm when interested parties can interact with the stand. This is possible with Brother; there is also an avator/robot that can give curious users a guided tour of the stand, explaining the machines.


This virtual trade fair stand is Brother’s first step into digital product presentation. Fundamentally, these trade fair stands are expandable and various gimmicks can be added. Even today, the plan is to integrate additional languages, e.g. Russian, and add the right product range.
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