Case Study: Sybit CX World – Customer Experience of the Highest Caliber

Customer Experience: Reach, Acquire, Impress Customers!


Client: Siemens Healthineers
Time frame:
2020 – 2021

  • Metaverse & Web 3D
  • 3D web
  • Virtual trade fair
  • Interactive trade fair
  • Sales tool

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann


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The Sybit product range becomes an experience with a virtual 3D world

Sybit GmbH is one of Germany’s leading digital agencies, a SAP Platinum Partner and part of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG (formerly itelligence group) as of summer 2018. The company’s major aim is to provide its customers with exceptional customer experience management – the Sybit slogan is, fittingly, “Excellence in Customer Experience”.  As experts in individual and end-to-end customer journeys, Sybit develops SAP-based digital experience worlds to help mold lasting and lively customer relationships. Stand-out customer experiences should constitute a key competitive edge. 

The challenge

If you want to sell customer experience as a product, you of course have to integrate plenty of customer experience into your own marketing strategy to make an impression. That’s why simply displaying a service portfolio on their company website in classic HTML and CSS layouts just wouldn’t be enough for Sybit.  

As a result, the consulting firm decided to present itself as a digital pioneer even when it comes to product presentation. The goal was clear: Sybit’s services and customer projects should be presented in a completely new way to impress customers and partners alike. 

The solution

The result of these considerations is CX World – the first virtual world where the digitization of customer interfaces is brought to life. 

CX World is set up like a second-life office. In this 3D world, visitors can freely move through the rooms and interact with relevant content about digitization and optimizing customer experiences in a playful way. Further information can be viewed at various desks, reading corners or partition walls, for example.  

The individual business units are set up across various floors, and are accessible by elevator. This makes navigation intuitive as it reflects habits from real life. This is further driven by the solution being browser-based, so you don’t have to download any programs etc. to access the application. 

What’s so special about it?

The Sybit CX World makes digital interactive marketing a reality. This isn’t an off-the-rack product. It’s a solution tailored to Sybit specifically, so offers some special features. 

This also includes an integrated web tool for video meetings. There are no split screens here: rather, each participant sees CX World on their own computer. The admin or meeting host can decide whether the participants see a live synchronized view of their personal CX World as they guide everyone through during the course of the meeting. At the touch of a button, they can let the participants carry out their own navigation so everyone can head off on their own adventures independently. This means that significantly less data needs to be transferred (in addition to the visuals and audio for the conference participants), saving bandwidth and making the user experience more fluid. 

The solution’s interactivity also encompasses the seamless integration of existing Sybit tools for surveys. This means opinions can be requested and evaluated live and in real time, and individual visitors can be encouraged to interact. 

Furthermore, CX World contains an interface to the Sybit marketing tool, the SAP marketing cloud, so all visitors’ user journeys can be tracked. All guests first have to register. All data can then be synchronized with existing Sybit tools live.  

CX World is also exceptionally low-maintenance. Sybit can independently exchange all content with a content management system (CMS). There are, for instance, “hidden” rooms that can be opened for certain participants for customer presentations or special events. To prepare for such events, the rooms can be completely personalized and even customized in the customer’s corporate design (CD).  

Customers are not abandoned in the virtual world. The Cloudy Markets avatar guides guests through the whole of CX World, ensuring an additional experience boost while helping the user find their way. 

Last but not least: the project’s highlights also included the collaboration between mld digits and Sybit. Communication and mutual agreements were harmonious and goal-oriented at all times. This was a visionary project for both companies, even just in terms of the size of the task at hand. Sybit benefited in particular from unforeseen innovations for customers communication, and mld digits was able to try out a few gimmicks for the first time.