Get in touch with customers virtually – in a digital trade fair stand!

Anyone looking for alternatives for their trade fair presentation should look for digital solutions. With the virtual trade fair stand, you can present your product portfolio on your website just like at a real trade fair.

A strong customer relationship thrives on personal talks and direct contact. Since the outbreak of the corona virus, however, classic trade fairs are not possible. With the digital solution you can still welcome your customers personally – at your virtual trade fair stand. Use your online presence for live presentations and communicate with your customers e.g. during an online meeting in the virtual model.

Show your products and use Augmented Reality (AR), for example, to make your product portfolio an interactive experience. Supplement the visualizations with a lot of additional information, such as explanatory texts or videos. With animations, you can present functions and scenarios in an impressive way that everyone can understand. In this way you can create the atmosphere of a real trade fair stand on a digital level.

Benefit from the advantages of the virtual exhibition stand!

The virtual trade fair stand can be used in the long term and can be expanded as required; new products can be easily integrated. All content is prepared sustainably so that it can subsequently be used for other marketing instruments such as apps. In addition, the digital trade fair stand can be accessed worldwide. In this way, you can reach a huge number of interested parties and your website also receives much higher quality.

The appearance and design can be individually determined – we set no limits to your imagination and make your vision come true in virtual space. The same applies to interactive elements; they can also be designed individually. Of course, classics such as videos, audios, newsletter connections or e-mail forms for contacting can be integrated. However, the virtual trade fair stand becomes a special highlight through “touchable” 3D products with dynamic animations, which can be experienced by interested parties thanks to real-time rendering. In addition, scenarios, procedures and processes or animated explanations can be visualized, which goes far beyond the pure product presentation.

Interaction and live communication in the virtual trade fair stand – for example with an avatar
A 3D avatar also contributes to the interactivity, which can be used as a virtual contact person, for example during a guided tour. It is also possible to communicate directly with the interested party via video, audio or chat, for example in a virtual meeting room. Even a virtual coffee corner for customer meetings is possible!

Take the opportunity and present your portfolio in a state-of-the-art way!