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Do you feel like you’ve seen every exhibition booth several times before? Do you need a new concept to create an unforgettable experience for visitors that they will remember for a long time to come? There are many exciting technologies available today. They make an interactive trade fair more vibrant and experiential than traditional means, often companies are just not aware of them.

mld digits introduces you to some of these possibilities and shows you that there are several alternatives to paper brochures: an interactive exhibition booth!

Let an LED wall with an interactive app be the star of your show

Trade fairs are an important platform for companies to present their products and services and attract new customers. However, in an increasingly digitalized world, trade fair stands need to offer more than just an exhibition space. Interactive trade fairs are a way to capture the attention of booth visitors and build a stronger emotional connection with them.

An interactive trade fair booth can be designed in different ways. For example, one of the effective elements for your trade fair booth are projections that are played on an LED wall. An LED wall consists of several panels, so the size of the wall can be customized to your exhibition stand. An application on an LED wall can serve as the centerpiece of your trade fair booth. For example, as a display area for an interactive app that shows 3D models of your products. The app can then be controlled via touchscreen or iPad.

The focus is on interactive elements, i.e. models can be rotated and explored in real time. In addition, several animations can be incorporated to explain the product in more detail. Such an app provides a realistic picture of products and services. We can also help you decide on the user experience in the app. The concept for an interactive application with an LED wall can be designed in such a way that an employee guides visitors in the booth through the app themselves. Alternatively, visitors can also discover the app on their own. In both cases, you end up with a valuable marketing tool that is both informative and entertaining.

Play, present, motivate and interact - with gamification

An LED wall offers many possibilities for combining information with a playful experience. For example, it is conceivable to integrate abstract interactive elements that correspond to your CI in terms of colour and present your brand in the form of short texts. Furthermore, in combination with cameras, the elements on the wall can react to the user’s movements. This variant is a low-threshold, entertaining solution that significantly extends the time visitors spend at the booth.

Next, an advantage of an interactive stand is that classic gamification can also come into play! Use game elements such as points, competition, independent exploration or rewards to increase the engagement and motivation of interested users. For example, small games or simulations can be played on your wall. What’s more, with motion tracking technology can be implemented. It records visitors’ movements and uses them as the basis for interaction with content on the wall. Next, an interactive trade module can also play small quizzes or competitions in which visitors can compare results with each other. Such formats not only work on an LED wall, but also on touchscreens.

Furthermore, Virtual or augmented reality is also suitable for a playful experience: they offer visitors an immersive experience and can be used to view products and services up close and immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

There are no limits to inspiration here. Every company needs something different to stand out from the crowd. So let us know what you want to communicate at your trade fair and we will help you find the perfect combination of hardware and content!

Immersive and entertaining: Interactive trade fair concepts are worth it!

The combination of exciting content and high-quality hardware can take your trade fair booth to a new level, increase your brand awareness and determine your position as an innovative company with an eye for modern technologies.

In addition, an interactive trade fair concept will bring you success in the following areas:

Emotionalisation of content: You can build a stronger emotional connection with visitors and potential customers: You make your visitors think and involve them in your brand world so that they easily identify with your products and services.

Attract more attention: If you welcome trade fair visitors to your booth with an interactive concept, you will attract more attention. Interactive exhibition stands are appealing and eye-catching and can help visitors to stay longer and engage more deeply with the content.

Generate leads: Interactive exhibition booth can offer visitors the opportunity to sign up for newsletters, information or free demos, among other things. This can help to generate leads and improve the conversion rate.

Expansion potential of the content: Lastly, your concept doesn’t just have to be presented at a trade fair. A trade fair app can be converted into a sales app, for example. Applications with 3D models of your products or quiz concepts can be brought to the web and interactive LED installations can be used as an eye-catcher in your showroom. We think about all these possibilities right from the start of our collaboration.

Project highlights: References of our Interactive-Trade-Fair-Magic

How can trade fairs and events be staged in an extraordinary way? Get inspiration from our previous projects and let us realise a new concept for you.

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