Virtual Trade Fair Stand for ESYLUX

Intelligent automation and lighting solutions presented in 3D


Client: Display International
End customer:
ESYLUX Deutschland GmbH
Time frame:
July – August 2020

  • Metaverse & Web 3D
  • 3D web
  • Virtual trade fair
  • Interactive trade fair

Contact person

Philipp Breilmann

How mld digits helped the company achieve an inspirational product presentation

ESYLUX is known for intelligent automation and lighting solutions in offices as well as educational and healthcare facilities. Developing, producing and selling its own products, the company increases energy efficiency and quality of life in equal measures. The broad portfolio ranges from the holistic automation and lighting of individual rooms to networking and integration into building-wide systems. As complicated as these solutions often are, their use should be equally simple.

The challenge

Since coronavirus measures have meant all trade fairs and events were unable to go ahead, ESYLUX wanted to present its portfolio in a suitable digital environment. The product portfolio made this a major challenge. The key question was: how can lighting technology and its automation be presented online to ensure the product range’s portrayal is brought to life in a way that is catchy and emotional? A classic web shop, using images and product texts for instance, would not rise to the challenge.

The solution

In order to solve this conundrum, ESYLUX collaborated with trade fair outfitters Display International (DI) and opted for a virtual trade fair stand by mld digits. The fact that the company already had existing plan data was a major benefit. This CAD data formed the foundations for the ESYLUX virtual trade fair stand.

However, all graphics were designed in a way that meant they could only be properly read when standing in front of them in real life. The text would have been much too small on a screen. So, all the text on all columns had to be cut out separately to render it readable. What’s more, mld digits integrated a navigation system to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to move between the individual text blocks. Despite all the adaptations, we were able to retain the stand layout.

To provide the whole trade fair stand with as realistic an ambience as possible, we kept the furnishings in the virtual version. The whole stand was also based on a sophisticated UI concept to avoid additional work for customers and interested parties. All content is available in German and English. Last but not least, visitor guidance is self-explanatory.

What’s so special about it?

The ESYLUX virtual trade fair stand offers a few particular highlights. For example, pdf documents with additional information in two languages are linked directly with the client website. This means all documents are always up to date. Especially interesting for users is the virtual linking of products with various options. There is a choice between ceiling or wall mounting as well as between black and white. Finally, the trade fair stand has a high level of recognition as it is based on the CAD data for the real stand.