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What does augmented reality (AR) mean?

Augmented reality – or AR for short – is a technology that’s been increasing in popularity for a few years now. Think “expanded reality”, as technology is used to expand reality to include virtual building blocks. Augmented reality therefore creates a connection between real and virtual reality.

The addition of these virtual elements happens in real time with augmented reality – this is what defines an AR application. To name one example: lines are often blended onto the screen during sports playbacks on TV, such as the offside line in soccer. As this is in real time, this is augmented reality. The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are not AR: the virtual animals are added to a real landscape but not in real time.

Augmented reality is a technology that has had the honor of becoming a real trend. The same goes for the commercial sector: even today, AR is being used in logistics and production. The technology is also broadly used in architecture, construction and even retail. And marketing?

What is AR marketing? How can augmented reality be used at trade fairs and other events?

In this digital age, it’s no longer enough to simply hand out flyers or brochures at an expo. With augmented reality and the relevant technology, you can create unique 3D product presentations. With their help, even the most complicated products can be presented in a way that’s clear as well as entertaining.

Thanks to augmented reality, you can visualize and present your products digitally. Your product, whether it’s a machine, a piece of furniture or a vehicle, is initially reconstructed as a 3D object in as much detail as possible in terms of color, dimensions and technical details. AR technology can be used to virtually set the product into the corresponding environment. See how it would look on site right away. You could also show prototypes of equipment, machines or other products for which you have virtual renderings but don’t yet have a physical product.

With an augmented reality product presentation, you can use the latest opportunities offered by digital technology and stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and events. This is an extraordinarily flexible application that can easily be expanded. New functions can be integrated later on to include additional machines, animations or 2D information – all via updates.

What benefits does augmented reality offer for marketing at trade fairs and events?

With augmented reality, you can introduce a product at an expo or event in a playful way – the keyword is “gamification”. Even just the type of presentation makes it highly attractive for potential customers. Then you have the fact that 3D product presentations generally use handheld devices. To put it another way, the potential customer has the product in their hand and can look at it completely independently.

Augmented reality product presentations let you embed additional information, images and videos. The interested party not only sees the product right in front of them, but also answers to any questions that arise while inspecting your wares. Additional information is no longer provided after the fact, rather made available where it’s needed in advance. It’s ready and waiting for a question.

A 3D product presentation allows you to impress your potential clients – moving away from information event, and towards experience! Use augmented reality to bring even the most complex products to life, and ensure simple yet entertaining explanations.

Thanks to expanded reality, the product presentation becomes interactive, and attention is grabbed. Whether a visitor is a potential customer or you’ve just caught their eye, augmented reality lets visitors to your exhibition stand or event explore your product without needing to speak to an advisor. Visitors will be taken in by your stand, so they’ll remember you for a long time to come.
Finally, augmented reality applications save you a lot of transport and insurance expenses when displaying at trade fairs and conventions. Thanks to this new technology, your products can fit in your pocket and no longer have to be transported at great expense.

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