Interactive Hologram Logo

The Challenge

Marketing presentations that are intended to attract new customers often need a format that sets the company apart from the competition. How can a hologram logo help with this?

Trade fairs and showrooms usually have a limited amount of space in which to present products and services in the most attractive way possible. This space should therefore be designed as efficiently as possible. Familiar interactive formats such as AR apps or applications on a touchscreen can present products in detail.

To attract the initial attention of customers, a low-threshold passer-by stopper is suitable, which opens up the visitor journey and interest for more information and a more in-depth conversation. Ideally, such an exhibit should be in line with the company’s branding and encourage customers to interact with the environment.

At the same time, the required interaction must be easy to understand so that there are no obstacles to further exploration of the space.

An interactive hologram offers a solution for all these aspects.

There are several possibilities of what such a hologram can represent. An interactive particle logo or avatar is suitable for customers’ initial interaction with the company.

The Solution

We have developed a hologram concept for our customers that can be adapted to specific requirements of each brand. Your logo or an element of your corporate identity that you want your customers to remember can easily be transformed into an interactive exhibit.

With the integration of motion tracking technology, you can also interact with our holograms and bring your logo to life. How does it work? Your logo is produced as an element consisting of coloured particles. The hologram is then set up so that these particles react to the user’s movements. Gesture control recognises when people are standing in front of the exhibit and controls the interaction between the viewer and the hologram. Customers can move in different directions, creating new shapes on the projection with their motion.

You can use your hologram logo long-term at trade fairs or other events and expand it as required. We can also build an interactive avatar that greets your customers at reception or mirrors their movements. If you want to take the interactivity of the hologram to another level, we can also programme a mini-game for the hologram that will delight your customers even more.

What makes it special

With an interactive hologram logo, you get a completely personalised eye-catcher for your event or trade fair. Your brand will shine thanks to the hologram and will be remembered by customers. The hologram is perfect for addressing target groups at the trade fair stand, even if no stand personnel are available at first.

In our production, we achieve a high visual quality that presents your logo realistically or with special effects in an enchanting way.

Interactive hologram logos or avatars are not yet widely used at events or in showrooms, so they ensure that your marketing takes a step into the future and your company is seen as an innovator.

Motion tracking technology enables interactivity with the hologram so that customers can engage with your brand in a playful way.

No special hardware is required for users to view your hologram logo – no glasses, no screen for the projection.

We can provide you with the hardware to display the hologram and your visitors can view it directly without any hurdles.

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