Interactive Holograms: The future says "Hello"!

Are you looking for a modern showstopper and an eye-catcherOne with whom you may interactWe bring you a solution that none of your customers have seen before, interactive holograms. Take a step into the future and use a hologram in your marketing.

An interactive hologram is an advanced form of holography that allows users to interact with a holographic representation in real-time.

A creative and state-of-the-art method of presentation

We ensure that your hologram not only appears fantastic and mesmerizing but also has capabilities, from content creation to technological equipment.

The finest feature is that the generated content data may be reused on other devices.

Greet your avatar, experiment with your product,  and be captivated by the new depth of the hologram presentation.

Using sensor technology (body or hand tracking), you can change the application, the product, and the environment without touching anything.

With an interactive hologram, you will become a crowd-puller at every trade fair!

Let your brand shine with
an interactive hologram

  • A unique eye-catcher for your event or trade fair
  • An appealing format that will stick in the minds of your customers and visitors
  • Outstanding visual quality and performance of the projection
  • A step into your marketing’s future
  • Motion tracking for a high level of interactivity
  • Playful formats that provide an outstanding and exceptional customer experience
  • A comprehensive hardware and content package

Interested in interactive holograms?
Test our 3D player and discover what makes our 3D models tick

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