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Holograms in marketing: present your products in impressive projections

A hologram no longer only exists in sci-fi films. Holo technology can be used to develop a high-quality video production into an impressive eye-catcher. Let your message and your products shine with holograms and attract a lot of attention to your trade fair booth or showroom.

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How do holograms work? What can a hologram contain?

A hologram is a projection that floats freely in space and viewed as a 3D object. Such a projection looks lively and often very futuristic. Different objects such as products, text or, for example, abstract shapes and effects can be brought to life in a hologram.

This technology is used in numerous contexts, for example in entertainment, for the visualisation of information and objects in the education sector, in communication or in the event and marketing sector. Museums and exhibitions also benefit from holographic exhibits, which can display normally invisible elements (such as a cell) as a 3D object.

And what is needed for an exciting hologram? A 3D model of your products based on your 3D data. The concept is worked out in a storyboard and then you’re ready to go!

If you would like to use a hologram at your events, we will prepare a special video with a 3D model of your product for you in a rendering process. We can enhance your products or messages with appealing visual effects and, of course, your logo.

mld digits can also design interactive holograms: Do you want your hologram to react to the viewer’s movements? Or even mirror their movements? Such a feature gives the hologram a playful character and extends the time your target group spends at the exhibition venue.

Bring your product hologram to trade fairs and events!

The majority of people have never seen a hologram in real life. This makes this technology a spectacular way to spark curiosity among customers or event visitors and bring them close to your company. Do you want to have an extraordinary reception at your bpoth? Use this technology with an avatar that welcomes visitors to your stand with a message or a wave of the hand.

Holograms can be used to present products in a new and innovative way. This can help to attract the attention of consumers and get them interested in a product. Use such presentations to increase your brand awareness and interest in products or services! The technology turns a trade fair booth, an event or a showroom, for example, into an unforgettable experience.

Are you already bored of numerous video trailers or information stands at trade fairs? A hologram is a perfect way to combine basic information in the form of messages with appealing visualisation. In this respect, a hologram is not only suitable for opening the visitor journey at a trade fair, but also in your showroom, where you can impress your customers with such an eye-catcher.

What are the advantages of hologram technology?

Holograms have great potential for use in marketing and events, which will certainly be explored further in the future. However, the use of holograms is already showing several advantages:

Long-term use: Holograms are very long-lasting and can be used for many years. This makes them a cost-effective and sustainable option for displaying information.

Immersive: This technology creates a true 3D image that can be seen from any angle. This can lead to a more immersive and realistic experience.

Unique: Holograms are a unique and innovative technology that stands out from the crowd. This can help to position the brand as innovative and progressive.

Low-threshold: No special hardware is needed for the viewers – no glasses, no screen for the projection. We can provide you with the hardware to play the hologram and your visitors can view it directly without any hurdles.

All these advantages make holograms not just a “nice-to-have” gimmick, but a technology that should become an important part of your brand and product presentation. It brings your brand presence into the future and generates a lot of attention and potential leads for your company.

Project highlights: References of our hologram magic

From products and messages to attractive visual effects – discover our hologram portfolio and get inspired for your own hologram!

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